Expanding Your Marketing with Pinterest

Why Pinterest?  Visual marketing has always been a popular tool for businesses. With the introduction of the camera phone, photos have become even more common both in business and recreation and, for many, sharing has become almost as second nature as breathing.  Is Pinterest Part of Your Marketing Strategy?  Up to this point, you may […]


What Smartwatches Mean for Email Marketing Campaigns

Both Apple and Samsung have created their own version of a smartwatch that link to a user’s respective smartphone. Users can send text messages, use a variety of smartwatch-enabled apps, and check their email. While smartphones have brought users conveniences like Google at their fingertips, interactive messaging features, and social media apps on the go, […]


What You Need to Know About Re-marketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)

With the ability to personalize the online advertising experience, re-marketing strategies are gaining traction as one of the most popular internet marketing strategies. Online marketers no longer must rely on keywords as their only targeting strategy. Keywords haven’t been left behind as there are methods that work alongside them such as Remarketing Lists for Search […]


Mastering Visual Content Marketing

When tackling a content marketing campaign, you need to know what will rouse online growth and engagement. Text-based content will always be important, but in this digital era, visual content is integral to the success of content marketing. Websites that are mobile-optimized should focus on visual content as the internet has made attention spans shorter […]