George Kovacs

Hi, I’m George Kovacs. I study online marketing across a wide range of disciplines. Then I promote E-commerce products in various precise niche markets.

I’m here to show you how to make people fall in love with your ideas. Whether you: write digital books, are a tech start up, or a non-profit organization you have a story to tell.

My job is to paint that story for people to comprehend. Through my experiences in China it has helped create my worldview and mold my values of consumerism.

I exclusively work with Rosewood to promote affiliate products on the online market. Simply put, me and James have a vision to establish a resource that provides solutions to peoples complications on the global scale.

My Story 

I am a 21-year-old college student and over the last 5 months my life has completely changed. I’ve been able to get an opportunity to have time and financial freedom in the next year. I’ve been blessed to be traveling around Canada and China. But my life wasn’t always like this….

I grew up being raised by my mom after suffering my dad’s death at an early age. Schooling had become expensive and growing up working a 9-5 was my worst nightmare. Fearful of the normalities of an average life, I knew there was another way to become successful and build something for generations to come. My business partner (James) introduced me to building a business online and it changed my life forever. Unlike traditional businesses online marketing was simple and inexpensive to start and had massive potential. All I needed to run it was a Wi-Fi connection and have some basic understanding of marketing (and that training was provided). I was selling high ticket products to a market that needed them. Now that I’m here and found the blueprint – I want to give back. I invite you to join me to finally earn, time, location, and financial freedom. Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to helping you begin your journey.