James Ponto

Hi there, my name is James Ponto. I am President and founder of Rosewood. I am a retiree. I started Rosewood to build an income for my retirement and to help support my family and lifestyle.

I believe in the Core Values of Rosewood to be a resource with information to help our customers find products or solutions they are looking for. We have developed systems that enable us to provide customers with access to products and resources that will help them solve their problem(s) or needs.

I am enjoying building Rosewood and working with a unique management team that has the same vision of helping people as I do.

My Story

Over the past year+ my life has changed. I have been able to start to become financially free. I have also learned how I can have more time freedom to do what I enjoy doing. But my life wasn’t always like this. I enjoyed a great life working for a large industrial company designing and constructing Industrial plants around the world in Indonesia, China, India, Canada and the USA. Then in 2010 I had a heart attack and a quad bypass surgery was done. I lost my job and retirement was quickly approaching. I realized I needed to do something as I was not financially prepared for retirement. I started looking around and found that there was a big opportunity to build a business online. I learned that I could work from the comfort of my home using my computer and make more money than I did working. I knew this was going to take commitment, learning and a career change, but the more I learned about online marketing and the potential it had I jumped in. Today I am enjoying this opportunity to build my own business which can be operated from anywhere in the world as long as I have a WIFI connection. Also this business is allowing me time freedom as it can work independently from me if setup properly. Now that I am here and enjoying this new life style I want to share this opportunity with others and help them achieve these same goals that I have done.

Thank you for visiting Rosewood.