Generate More Traffic Via Social Media Influencing

Word-of-mouth, 20-50% of all purchasing decisions are made from it.  Customers are more likely to respond to endorsements from a person they respect than to advertisements.  In the world of digital relationships, word of mouth extends beyond friends and family, and into the realm of influencer marketing.

 Twitter has shown that: 

  • 49% of buyers will seek advice from social media influencers.
  • 20% of users said that Tweets from an influencer motivated them to share their own product endorsements.
  • 40% of users claimed they made a purchase as a direct result of an influencer’s Tweet.

Who Is a Social Media Influencer?

 A Social Media Influencer is a user of social media who can show a level of authority in a specific industry. They have access to large audiences through their knowledge and scope of impact.

 So, what is Social Media Influencer Marketing?

 Influencer Marketing is the practice of creating relationships with people who can then build additional relationships for you in return. Whether the audience is small or large, an influencer can touch consumers via social networks and blogs, in ways traditional branding may not be able to reach.

 Influencer Marketing Strategy Components

 Celebrity endorsements were the original form of influencer marketing.  We’ve all see T.V. commercials where a well-known person takes 30 seconds to tell you how great a product is.

Now, with online media, regular people have become online “celebrities” with highly engaging social media followings.  A survey last year found that YouTube creators took eight of the ten top spots in a survey of influencers, outranking traditional celebrities.

 Increase Your Traffic by Becoming a Social Media Influencer

 Social Media Influencing has become very popular with blog enthusiasts to make passive income through affiliate marketing and utilizing these Influencers have become standard practice among many of the top companies selling on the market today.

But why stop there?  Why not generate even more leads and traffic to your Brand by becoming one of the Influencers yourself.  There are a number of recommended actions out there to become a social media influencer.  Here we’ve gleaned together some steps to help you to get started.

Choose 2-4 social media channels you’ll use to cover your subject, taking into consideration what you excel at.  Are you good at writing engaging posts on Facebook and Twitter, or are you better at photography or creating and editing your own videos?  The type of content you want to publish should showcase your best skills.  If you’ve decided to be a platform-specific influencer, clearly, you’ll want to use that as your primary social network then utilize the others for greater exposure.

Create a strategy for your content. What are your information preferences? Try to imagine why people will be enthusiastic to follow you, then plan accordingly.  Try to plan for at least 3 months in advance, prepare the strategy, and then start posting.

The purpose of your content is to attract people.  To accomplish this, you must be publishing consistently. You know what message you want to convey so stick to it, but also make sure you are keeping a lookout for new info.

Promote yourself by guiding your audience to your content.  Share it everywhere it might seem interesting to other followers.  Build your community by going to forums, fan pages, and inviting new people to engage with them as well.

Contact other people and brands in your industry.  Chat, comment on other posts, exchange likes and ideas.  One of the fastest ways to gain status is to contribute your unique content to other blogs and publications.  Guest postings can improve your merit among peers and increase traffic to your own blog. Show that you notice other people and you’ll start to be noticed too.

Over time your efforts will start to pay off.  You’ll begin to cultivate an audience that will listen to and follow you. The more people that join your audience, the more seriously your views will be taken and the level of influence you create over others will increase.

Publish on LinkedIn.  People generally believe LinkedIn posts are from the most influential leaders in a particular subject. So, in addition to your own blog, create posts using LinkedIn’s publishing platform.  You can accomplish this most easily by cutting and pasting your previously published blog posts and add a headline with keywords and an image to draw the eye.  Consequently, when people in your network also see your articles on LinkedIn, they will start to view you as an authority too.

Finally, keep your content and sources organized for easy access.  This way if someone asks a question about a particular post, you can easily answer the question or elaborate. This will also assist you in giving the appearance of having a good knowledge base of your subject.  There is no reason to hold anything back.  Sharing your expertise is how you can truly be a good influencer.

So, make sure you interact and build meaningful relationships with your audience as well as your peers.  This way you can present yourself to brands as having a strong following in your subject.

For additional info on becoming a Social Media Influencer, check out this post at

Your Financial Thermostat

What is your financial thermostat — and why is it so important?

Do you know what your wealth thermostat is?  Well let me tell you.

As you know, the thermostat in your home is designed to keep your house a nice comfortable temperature.

You have the same kind of thermostat range when it comes how much money you have. You have unconsciously set a range for the amount you allow into your life.

For this example, let’s focus on how much money you can hang on to…

Let’s say you have $100,000 in your bank account right now and you’re comfortable with that. Then suddenly, you make a lot more money and you suddenly go from $100k up to $180k — way up out of your comfort zone.

You subconsciously find ways to spend it all. You might think, “Well now it’s finally time to treat myself to a new car,” or “I think I deserve that dream vacation.” And then when the money’s all gone, you fall back within that comfort range.

On the other hand, let’s say you take a big hit and lose a lot of money…

For example, something goes terribly wrong with the stock market and you lose $40,000 in a week. You’re not accustomed to having that small of an amount of money, so now you start looking for creative ways to bring in more money to get back up within the $100,000 range.

Most people walking around on the street have a shockingly low financial thermostat. You probably know some people who put everything on credit cards and always have credit card debt. Today they have credit card debt, and in 10 years they’ll still have credit card debt. It just seems natural that they always owe money.

Your parents and your upbringing have an enormous impact on where your financial thermostat is set. But that doesn’t mean you must keep that for life — it can be changed.

Your financial thermostat can be adjusted first of all by measuring. The moment you start measuring how much money you spend every day, every week, every month, it makes you become aware of your spending habits.

I believe most people think being rich is all about more cash flowing into their lives. But becoming wealthy is actually NOT just about increasing your income. First and foremost, getting rich is all about your financial thermostat.

And to prove it to you, just look at everyone who wins the lottery. Suddenly they have millions of dollars in their life. But the vast majority of them lose it all within just five years.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your financial thermostat set at the right level so that you can actually be comfortable with money?
  2. Can you hang onto your money and overcome the desire to spend it all and get rid of it?

Spend some time today thinking about your financial thermostat. If you answer these questions truthfully, you’ll be well on your way to becoming wealthy.

And today, for a limited time, you can also give yourself an amazing financial gift, because I’m about to reveal to you my own secret system for success…

I have been using this system to change my financial thermostat and it can change yours too.

You can learn this unique way to make money online too, just CLICK HERE.

To your wealth,

James Ponto, CET




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